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For you and your young people

More and more independent care providers understand the impact of trauma and adversity on their young people, but may not have the expertise, structure, or budget to deliver specialist therapeutic care.

We can help you integrate a truly therapeutic way of being into your provision, while maintaining your vision, your values, and your team spirit.

“In order to be a truly therapeutic service, psychological and clinical thinking must be at the heart of operations.”

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What we offer you

Our Team of Experts

Our evidence-based Attachment and Trauma Informed Care model has a proven track record in more than a dozen residential homes, providing:

  • expert clinicians
  • staff support
  • leadership supervision
  • 1:1 therapy for young people
  • bespoke training and CPD focused on your setting, and more.

We will also help you to restructure your placement fees, so that the cost of our services is covered by the placing authority.

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All about ATIC

Over the past 30+ years of looking after children and young people’s emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing, we have built up a body of published and proven research evidencing the positive outcomes achieved through giving Attachment and Trauma-Informed Care.

If you are in a caring role, you will know firsthand the impact that trauma, abuse, neglect, or other adverse childhood experiences can have on a young person’s growth and development. It might show up through behaviours that are challenging for you to handle, or it might be difficult to understand why your young person thinks or communicates the way they do.

We believe that relationships are the key to overcoming difficult early life experiences and growing confidence, skills, friendships, and opportunities.

With a rock-solid base in neurological science and methods backed by decades of research and experience, ATIC means creating a carefully planned out and loving therapeutic ‘milieu’* for young people in your care to heal from past experiences.

*milieu = a person’s social environment. Creating a therapeutic milieu means thinking about every aspect of a young person’s living situation, social interactions, activities, sensory needs…all the different building blocks of their life so that the world around them begins to feel safe. Defences can gently be let go of and curiosity and learning begin to feel ok again.

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How does it work?

Our ATIC packages take care of your young people, your staff, and your entire organisation.

We all want to do our best, even when we’re feeling at our worst, and ATIC starts from a crucial “safety first” perspective, to gain stability for the children and young people as well as the staff teams that support them.

By your side

We have a whole toolkit of rationalised and robust elements which come together to form ATIC. From staff support structures to reflective practice, therapy with young people through to your recruitment and HR processes, we help you take a holistic look at your entire organisation while also holding on to a deep understanding of what makes your provision special and why you do the work you do.

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Why choose us

  • Our Attachment and Trauma Informed Care model is tried and tested.
  • Developed over the course of 30+ years of caring for looked-after children and young people
  • Research-backed showing improved outcomes for children, staff, and care organisations

The model can be adapted to suit your statement of purpose and needs and is based around our core elements. These elements are called the ATIC™ Toolkit, and they are the rhythmic, predictable structures that provide containment, and the opportunity to weave and reinforce therapeutic practice throughout your organisation. If you are an independent care or specialist education provider and feel that your residential team, fostering agency, or school could be a good match with our core values, get in touch now.

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