Expert witness reports and assessments for

Family Court

Our personalised, professional assessments and expert witness reports are court ready, easy to understand, and straightforward to apply to everyday situations.

The court assessment process can be incredibly stressful and at times re-traumatising for families. We want to do things differently.

Our trauma-informed approach to assessments provides your client with a service that respects their views and feelings, whilst still getting you the depth of insight you need to help them.

We’re not profit-driven: we’re a social enterprise that exists to reinvest back into the communities we serve.

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What we offer you

Our Expert Witness Services

  • High quality independent practitioners whether you need an expert witness psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker.
  • End-to-end partnership from initial enquiry through to completion.
  • A dedicated coordinator to match your referrals with suitably qualified experts.
  • A multi-disciplinary team specialising in childhood trauma and adversity.
  • Rapid assessments within court-mandated timescales.
  • A robust QA process to ensure the highest quality and consistency.
  • An Expert witness report that is jargon-free and written in plain English.
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We do things differently

Why does it matter?

People who have gone through a difficult time sometimes behave in ways that are hard to understand.

Clients might miss appointments, resist advice, or avoid services intended to help them. Court assessments can feel like a punishment or a test to fail, which can make people feel re-traumatised and tripped up by “the system”. We want to change that.

Local authorities and solicitors need experts who are not only trained and experienced in assessing your clients’ needs but are also sensitive and skilled enough to get the most useful results from the assessment. With this balance, you can ensure the right help can be put in place.

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About MCTS

What makes us unique?

We provide a respectful, non-judgemental service so your clients feel heard and understood.

We will provide an expert witness report that is written in plain English so you don’t waste your time wading through jargon. Images and graphics are included to make complex ideas easy to understand.

Routine feedback is given to families as well as the professionals so there are no surprises when the report comes through.

Years of experience in trauma-informed intervention means our expert witness reports provide recommendations that are realistic and effective in supporting change.

Advice included about how professionals can get the best out of the family in everyday practice.

Our trauma-informed process focuses on safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration, empowerment and cultural consideration.

We are hiring!

We’re always keen to hear from trauma-informed expert witnesses who want to join our team of professionals.

Send us an email to discuss permanent and affiliate opportunities.

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